Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saving on the Essentials: Toilet Paper Coupons + More

One of my goals this year is to improve my stockpile.  I would like to get it organized (scattered all over the house just isn't working, duh) and I would like to get it built up.  Christmas time and vacation time just kind of seemed to wipe it out.

The idea behind stockpiling is to buy when you can get it for an awesome price (or FREE) and to make sure that you have enough to last at least through to the next great find. This way you are prepared in case of an emergency and aren't paying full price when you run out. ( I know of many people who have survived on their stockpile due to the lost of a job and such.)

Toilet paper is one of those things that I hate to buy without a coupon but one of those things that I like to stockpile when I find a good deal.

Pair these coupons up with a sale and you should be able to score a sweet deal on an Essential:  Toilet Paper!

Online Printable TP Coupons:

$1/1 Angel Soft 12- Double Roll Or Larger (if you can't find it under your zip code try 20202)

$0.50/1 Angel Soft 6-Double Roll Or Larger (will have to register to get coupon ~ prints with ad at the bottom)

$0.50/1 Cottonelle 4-Pack Or Larger

$2 off Scott Extra Soft Tissue (8-pack or larger) with 4 rolls of Scott Long Lasting or Mega Roll Towels.

Be sure to check the main online coupon printing places (they often have TP coupons)

Other Places To Find TP Coupons:

Specially marked P & G products will have an assortment of coupons in them ~ including (1 or 2) $1 coupon for Charmin TP.

Current All You magazine has a $1 coupon good on any White Cloud TP ( This makes the 4 pack only $1~ this coupon is often found in the magazine).

P & G Brandsaver (Sunday coupon insert) often has coupons for Charmin TP ~ there should be an insert this Sunday (1/30)

Look for blinkies ~ I can often find blinkies (those magic machines that hold coupons) in the TP isle with awesome coupons for various brands. (My favorite stores to find them in is Albertsons and Safeway.)

The regular Sunday paper coupon inserts of course.

Have a favorite brand?  Sign up for their newsletters online and you may be rewarded with a coupon every so often.


Having trouble hanging up the MEGA rolls?  ~sign up now to receive a  FREE Charmin Extender toilet paper holder. Offer is limited to one per household.

Sometimes Amazon has great deals that can net you an awesome score on TP shipped right to your house.  If the product has the option of "subscribe and save" you can save 15% off the price and have it shipped to your house for FREE.  (You can change your subscribe and save options at anytime after you receive your first shipment ~ even cancel if need be.)

How do you save on an Essential like toilet paper?


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