Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook: Sears Wishtogether Application = Amazing Prices

Sears has just released a new app on their Facebook page called Wishtogether that allows us savvy frugal people =0) to get in on unbelievable prices for amazing Christmas presents.  All you have to do is like the deal and if enough people do then, the item will be released for the "wish price."  They will be releasing a new item each day.

Today's deals are a Sharp AQUOS BD-HP24U - Blu-ray disc player (reg. $149.99......wish price is $59.99) and a Grape ViviCam VXO29 10.1MP Digital Camera (reg. $69.99.....wish price is $29.99).  They aren't currently released as they haven't hit their mark yet but it should be soon.

You can only vote once for the item and you may only purchase one of the item (has to be done through the Wish Price app.). Shipping is not included.

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