Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winco: $0.58lb. Butterball Turkeys With $50 Purchase + Disney Movies Rebates

Yesterday, we went to Winco to get our Thanksgiving supplies and I was "happy" to see that they had Butterball turkeys as part of their Thanksgiving promo.  If you purchase $50 or more you can get the Butterball turkeys for only $0.58lb.  I was able to get a 19lb. + turkey for $11+ . 

But, what makes this even a better deal is that I am planning on buying The Search For Santa Paws Blu-ray combo (works with Disney's The Christmas Carol also) and now I can use the $10 rebate to score a really good deal........kind of makes my turkey only $1 (FREE if I had remembered to bring my $1 coupon)!

HERE are the coupons to help you score this deal:

$10 off The Search For Santa Paws Blu-ray Combo
$10 off The Christmas Carol Blu-ray Combo
$10 Mail in rebate when you a Butterball Turkey and one of the movies
$1 Butterball Coupon or HERE


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