Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook: Enter For A Chance To Win A Month's Supply Of Better Oats Oatmeal

"Like" Better Oats on Facebook and enter once a day for a chance to win a month's supply of Better Oats Oatmeal.  You can enter once per day. The giveaway runs through Feb. 28, 2011.

From Better Oats Facebook page:

February has 28 days, so we’re taking the entire month to introduce you to all 28 of the delicious offerings from Better Oats. Each day, we’ll feature a different flavor/variety and spotlight its nutritional benefits. We’re also giving away a month’s supply of each day’s flavor to one lucky oatmeal fan! So join us for the 28 Days of Better Oats and discover why we’re BETTER.

*My husband swears by the chocolate one and the cinnamon roll one. =0)


  1. new blog hop follower, check me out at http://hugatreewithme2.blogspot.com when u can:)

  2. Hello : )
    Buying on the internet or in-store? which usually do you go for? just wondering lol.. i prefer in-store only because i hate waiting for it to arrive!

  3. @AnonymousHi Abigail
    I kind of like shopping both online and in the store....just depends where the bargain is. =0)

    When I shop online, I try to make it worth it though by looking for FREE shipping, discount codes, clearance/sales and I shop through Ebates to earn a cash back %. I hate to wait too but I love when the mailman drops off my package ~ kind of like Christmas.