Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's In Your Mailbox?

Today was an awesome day for mail!  I know that we don't always get all the freebies and coupons that we request but I do like to show that good freebies do come and when we take advantage of it we can all help our budgets.

1 FREE sample = 1 less serving that we have to spend money on (and sometimes those samples are full-sized products).  Plus, I like to try new things before I buy them (which saves me from wasting money on something that I might not like).

Here is what I received in my mailbox today:

McDonald's pamphlet full of really good coupons including one for a FREE oatmeal (no purchase necessary)

Coupon for a FREE pair of panties from Victoria Secrets (I have gotten quite a few FREE pairs over the years ~ I love them!)

Martha Stewart Living Magazine- FREE subscription

Country Living Magazine- FREE subscription

2 Books for FREE (my boys signed up for the BenBella Reviewers Club and they finally got their books.....when the book is actually published for sale the boys will get their names in the book, a FREE copy signed by the authors, and their school library also gets a copy) ~ no longer taking applicants

FREE pack of Stride gum

What was in your mailbox?


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