Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Craft: Hershey Kisses Rosebuds

The kids and I like to get crafty when it comes to holidays and their teachers (to include office staff and the principal).  So, this year for Valentine's Day we decided to make long stem rose buds out of Hershey Kisses.  Who wouldn't like to get chocolate roses, right?

The kids had a lot of fun putting these together so I thought I would share how to make them with you.

Shopping list:

1 bag of Hershey Kisses
1 roll of floral tape
Floral wire (not on a roll) - the package I purchased had 12 wires in it - strong enough to hold the rosebud
Cellophane (I bought a roll at Michael's and used my 50% off coupon)
Leaves (I used my Cricut to cut out heart shapes)
Double stick tape

Step 1:
Use double stick tape to "glue" two Hershey Kisses together.

Step 2:
Cut Cellophane into 5" X 5" squares.

Step 3:
Place "glued" Hershey Kisses in the middle of the cellophane square.

Step 4:
With the tip of the Hershey Kisses in the middle of the cellophane square bring the edges of the cellophane down, folding the excess around and twist at the bottom.

Step 5:
Starting at the base of the Hershey Kisses start wrapping your floral tape around the excess cellophane, pulling slightly on the tape as you wrap.  When you have reached about the half-way point on the excess cellophane, insert the stem (wire) in the middle all the way up to the bottom Hershey kiss and continue to wrap until the whole stem (wire) has been covered.

Step 6 (final step):
Prep your leaves- since I am using paper hearts I folded them in half and then folded the base in order to have something to wrap the floral tape around and secure it to the stem.  Using the floral tape, secure your leaves on the stem by wrapping them several times with the floral tape being sure not to place your leaves too close together. (Refer to picture at the top of the post for finished product.)


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