Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Walmart Trip: $95.86 Worth of Items For Only.........$22.67

I love when my Walmart has their clearance an extra % off!  This time I was lucky enough to get in there when it was an additional 75% off (thanks to a friend who works at my local Walmart and called me to let me know). =0)  I purchased $95.86 worth of items for only $22.67!

Many stores are going to be clearing out their shelves as they get ready for the Christmas season so keep your eyes open and your coupons handy. I also keep my Christmas list in my purse so that I have it for reference when I come across such good deals (like the Libby glasses).

Here is what I purchased:

1 Can of Maxwell House Coffee $3.92 - extra 75% off  final price = $0.92 (my Hunny donated it to the office)

1 Bottle of Crisco EVOO $5.47 - extra 75% off final price - $1 printable coupon (no longer available) = $0.46

1 Box of Hot Coca K-cups $10.88- extra 75% off final price = $2.72

2 Pack of Libby Glasses $5.97- extra 75% off final price = $1.15 (Christmas present.....makes fun dessert dishes)

1- 2 Pack of Hairspray +bonus travel shampoo $6.47 - extra 75% off final price = $1.25

1 Lunch box $6.97 - extra 75% off final price = $0.50 (it's nice to have extras around the house or will save for next year)

2 Packages of Dove  $3.97/each - 75% off final price - $1/1 coupon (for one of them) = FREE for 1 package and $0.99 for the other

3 Index Card boxes $2/each - 75% off final price = $0.37 each (will be using these for the kids' teachers Christmas presents.....will show you how later =0) )

3 Large Packs of Gum $0.98/each - 75% off final price = $0.24 each

1 Tag Reading system book $13.97 - 75% off final price = $3.25 (part of a Christmas present for my daughter)

1 Large Bag of Beef Jerky $7.97 - 75% off final price = $1.99

1 Cookies and Cream Bark $3 - 75% off final price = $0.75

Nestle Cookie Dough (Not on 75% off clearance)......but it was on sale for $1.89 and I used a $1/1 coupon = $0.89

2 Bottles of Cheer Laundry Soap (not on 75% off clearance)  - $5.97- ad matched to Safeway for $4.99 and used 2 $2/1 coupons = $2.99 each

Have you scored any good deals at Walmart lately?


  1. I was unaware that Walmart had % off deals on grocery items! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I was unaware that Walmart offered % off on grocery items! Thanks for the info!

  3. Wow...great finds! I don't think I've ever seen extra % off sales at my Walmart and definitely not for 75%!

  4. I know that Walmart tends to run clearances differently from store to store (kind of like their prices). My local store will usually run an extra 50% off the clearance special every so often for a few days, but this time it was 75% off. I try to wait until the extra % off to buy clearance because I know that they will eventually do it. =0)