Thursday, January 6, 2011

~HOT~ $1.50/2 General Mills Whole Grain Cereal Coupon

I was very excited to see this coupon, $1.50/2 General Mills whole grain cereal coupon.  It is a 'bricks' coupon so be sure to hit the back arrow on your browser to get two coupons.

One of my goals this year is to work on my stockpile (it kind of got depleted during the holiday season- more important things than to go grocery shopping all the time).  So with this coupon and the right sale, you should be able to snag a box of cereal for less than $1- which is what I would consider a good price to stockpile cereal at.

*Important note- when stockpiling be sure to check the 'best by' date before you purchase and decide if you can consume it by then or at least donate it before it goes bad.  If you can't, it isn't worth it to stockpile (even if it is a good deal) to just turn around and throw it away later.  =0)


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