Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Night Pizza

As a family, one of our financial and health goals is to eat out less.  Considering we are a family of 5 and dinner at a restaurant can easily run us $50 or more, eating at home more often just seems to make sense.  So, each week we write a dinner menu and prep what we can ahead of time so that at dinner time we aren't tempted to let someone else do the cooking and cleaning. 

And on the weekly dinner menu the weekend belongs to the kids.  Each kid is responsible for planning a meal and helping us cook it.  Not only does this teach them important skills like cooking it also teaches them planning and responsibility.  Friday night was my middle son's night for dinner and he chose homemade pizzas.  We made the pizza dough and sauce ahead of time so when it came time for dinner we only had to stretch the dough and create our own individual pizzas.  Don't they look yummy! (The picture is of three of them before they were cooked.)

Adding Up The Savings:  Pizza at our favorite pizza place runs $17.95 for a large speciality pizza and $10.95 for a large cheese pizza (a typical order = $28.90 for pizza alone).  Our homemade pizzas were made from mostly items on hand and ended up costing us less than $5 total.  The added benefit of controlling what was put in our pizzas and the fact that we made them together as a family made this meal priceless.


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