Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Son's Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my son's 10th birthday. He wanted his theme to be Toy Story so I made him this cake with one of the Little Green Men from the movie on it.

Here are my secrets to making this cake-
1. I found a picture online that I thought I could handle and I saved it to my paint program.
2.  I enlarged the picture to fit the cake and printed it out and then drew the balloon and block myself.
3.  I cut out the pictures and layed them on the iced cake (I froze the cake before hand to make it easier).
4.  I used a toothpick to trace around the pictures and then lifted off the paper very carefully.
5.  I used the same toothpick to make my inside lines (belt, eyes, etc.)
6. I  made my frosting colors and then "filled in the lines."
7.  I then used black writing icing to outline the character/toys (and make his mouth) and add detail lines.
8.  I added extra detail to make it special (my son's intials and age).


  1. Ohh, happy birthday! Dang nice job on that cake, Mel!

  2. Thanks, only took 3 hours and of course I started it about 9:30 at night!