Monday, October 4, 2010

My $1 Shopping Trip To Albertsons

I made a quick trip to Albertsons today and used a set of "twice the value" coupons along with my manufacturer coupons.  I was able to purchase 7 items for only $1.

Here is a breakdown of my trip:

4- 16 ounce Darigold chocolate milks- on sale for $1 each- used 2- $1/2 coupons from a Sunday insert plus 2 "twice the value" coupons = 4 milks for FREE

3- Campbell's Soup At Hands- on sale for $1 each- used 1- $1/3 coupon from a Sunday insert plus 1 "twice the value" coupon = $1 for 3 soups

The "twice the value" coupons last through tomorrow (10/5) and can be found where your store keeps their ads or at the customer service desk.


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