Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's Groupon Deal: $50 To Spend At The Gap For Only $25

Today's Groupon deal is a great one for those of us who still have school clothes shopping left to do or who just love shopping at the Gap!  For $25 you can get a "groupon" for $50 worth of clothing and accessories at the Gap.  The "groupon" is only valid in Gap stores, not online, and it also works on sale items. =0)  The "groupon" expires 11/19.

What is Groupon?  It is a site that works on the collective buying principal.....they get huge discounts by promising business so many customers.  For example, on today's deal they "promised" Gap that they could get 25 people (I am using Spokane as my city) to purchase the "groupon."  Once the purchasing power reaches that 25 threshold then everyone who wants to purchase it will get it.  If It doesn't reach 25 then no one can get it.  (You will not be charged unless the 25 threshold is met) The deal changes daily.


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