Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Twice the Value" Coupons At Albertsons

Is anyone having trouble using "twice the value" coupons at their Albertsons?  I have two Albertsons where I live- one is coupon friendly.....one not so much. I have seen several people in the one store be turned down with their "twice the value" coupons when they were using a manufacturer's coupon for a $1 and the item they were purchasing was under $2. I have even been turned down and told they weren't going to give me something for FREE and if I was going to use a "twice the value" coupon and a $1 manufacture coupon the item I was purchasing had to be $2 or more. The coupon friendly store just adjusts down the "twice the value" coupon and I end up getting the item for FREE- just no overage....like it should be done.  I never understood why cashiers or stores make up policies different than what corporate puts out. 

I finally broke down and emailed Alberston's corporate office and received a copy of their coupon policy.  I have included the part that deals with this subject but if you would like a copy of the entire policy email me at affordingcommoncents @ gmail.com and I will forward a copy of the email.

From the email:

Intermountain West - Can a Manufacturer Coupon be Combined with a Store Coupon?Yes a customer can use a manufacture coupon in conjunction with a store coupon on the same item, if it takes it below the stated retail value we DO NOT give money back. We adjust the coupon.For example a customer has a $1 off mayo coupon with one of our own $1 off coupons but the jar of mayo is only for $1.98. We would take off the manufacture coupon for a dollar then adjust the store coupon to 98 cents. Thus making it free for the customer but not giving money back.

Twice the Value coupons CAN be used/paired with manufacturer coupons that state Do Not Double (or similar wording). The maximum face value of the manufacturer coupon is still $1.00 or less to be used with Twice the Value coupons.

Basically, this means that the "twice the value" coupons are to be taken and adjusted down if the item purchased using a $1 manufacturer's coupon is less than $2.

I will printing the policy and keeping it in my coupon binder.  I would suggest getting the coupon policies of the stores that you shop at and keeping them handy for the next time an issue occurs or if you have questions yourself =0).


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