Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amazon Kindle $189.99 has dropped the price of the Kindle 2 down to $189.99. This is an awesome (hopefully, I didn't just date myself with that word) price for this.  I bought it for my husband for Christmas last year when the price was $259 and he absolutely loves it.  In fact, after he started using it we bought a hardback book that was the 3rd in a series we were collecting and instead of reading it he decided he had to have in on the Kindle instead.  The books are pretty reasonable priced and there are a ton that are FREE. My husband loves to read and our bookshelves are overflowing so the Kindle has been a great spacesaver. (Now I don't have to look for new places to stack books.) 

Here are some of my husband's favorite features:

* 3G wireless- no annual contracts, no monthly fees, no hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot. (the guys at work were really surprised that he wasn't paying any extra for this feature) and my husband likes to use it to search the internet every once in awhile.

*There are over 620,000 books available and the Kindle 2 holds up to 1,500.

*Has the Read-to-Me Feature on some of the books. (We sometimes set our daughter up with this and let the Kindle read to her.)

* You can opt to "try out" the book before you buy it and they will let you download the first chapter or so of the book so you can see if it is something you would like.

Now, my husband is just waiting for it to come out with touch screen.  ;0)

*I am an Amazon associate

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  1. I am an advid reader and traveler. Currently I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse and Hallows series. They are very long series and having the kindle reduce the amount of packing. I travel regularly and having one item that I can take that has all the functions listed above really help in storage and information.