Monday, September 27, 2010

*HOT* $70 Coupon Booklet Found In Safeway (And Affiliates) Stores

Have you found this HOT coupon booklet at your Safeway (and affiliates) store yet?  It is full of awesome coupons- most of which are manufacturer coupons that can be used anywhere.

Here is a list of the manufacturer coupons found in the booklet:

$1.00/2 Sorrento/Precious brand cheese products
$1.00/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8oz. or larger)
$1.00/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
$1.00/2 Cool Whip Topping
$1.00/2 Jello refrigerated Mousse, Pudding or Gelatin Snacks
$1.00/2 Knudsen or Breakstones Sour Cream
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands
$1.00/1 Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree
$1.00/2 Frozen Green Giant Boxed or Fresh Steamers vegetables
$1.00/1 Yoplait Frozen Smoothie
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
$1.00/2 Go-Gurt or Trix Multipacks
$1.00/2 Yoplait Delights Multipacks
$1.00/1 59oz Trop50
$0.75/1 Bays English Muffins
$1.00/1 Marie Callender’s Meal
$0.50/1 Healthy Choice Item
$0.50/2 Banquet Fruit Pies
$1.00/1 Banquet Chicken 24oz bag
$2.00/1 Reddi-whip and One Marie Callender’s or Claim Jumper Frozen Pie (992)
$1.00/5 Michelina’s or Michelina’s Budget frozen entrees
$1.00/1 Michael Angelo’s Single Serve
$1.00/2 New York Frozen Products
$1.00/1 Mrs. T Pierogies
$1.00/2 pints Starbucks Ice Cream
$1.00/2 Breyers Smooth & Dreamy bars or sandwiches
$1.00/5 5.8 oz Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups
$1.00/2 Weight Watchers frozen novelties
$1.00/1 any 1 carton of Smart Balance Milk
$1.00/1 any half gallon of Silk
$1.00/5 Weight Watchers Yogurt Cups
$0.50/1 Daisy Brand Sour Cream
$5.00/5 Weight Watchers Smartones Frozen Items
$3.00/2 Ore-Ida Potato Frozen Products
$1.50/1 Ore-Ida Steam n’ Mash
$2.00/1 Van de Kamp’s or Mrs. Paul’s and any Birds Eye or C&W vegetables (992)
$0.50/1 Eggland’s Best Eggs
$1.00/2 Dannon Light & Fit 4-packs
$1.00/2 Dannon Danimals or Dan-o-nino
$0.55/1 Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese
$1.00/1 Nestle Coffee-mate liquid creamer
$1.00/1 16 count Foster Farms Corn Dog or 6 count Great Bite Mini Chicken Cheeseburger
$1.00/1 Dovebar 3-pack Ice Cream or Dovebar Miniatures Ice Cream
$0.50/1 Lean Pockets 2-pack

There are also various store coupons in the booklet.


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