Monday, September 13, 2010

Lego Torch (Flashlight)---Too Cute!

I came upon this cute LEGO Hand Crank Dynamo Flash Light Torch Giant Lego Man Stands 7.5" Tall (Colors May Vary) by accident and I had to share it!  I couldn't resist it and I ended up buying one last night for one of my boys as a Christmas present on Amazon.  I used my gift cards that I have been earning from Swag Bucks and purchased this and a PS3 game.  My total for the two items was $37.08 and after my gift cards I only had to pay $2.08 of that with "real" cash.

We went to Legoland a little over a year ago so all three of my kids have been into Legos big time since then. I think that my son will really like it.  It's 7.5 inches tall and it's eco-friendly.  It has a crank for you to turn so that you can charge the batteries instead of having to change the batteries constantly.  I love this feature!  I have been buying rechargeable batteries but it seems like the kids are always sneaking off with them and hiding them in some electronic toy (I am not the only one who has kids that do this, am I?).  I love that  I don't have to worry about replacing batteries for this toy. =0)

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