Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I just saved $60

My laptop and I have an almost intimate relationship....I think that my husband gets a little jealous sometimes.  It's kind of his fault though because he is the one who got it for me last Christmas.  Having said this, I was heart broken when my ac adapter (my computer's lifeline) decided to walk out of the relationship and not be a part of the equation anymore.  I kept plugging it in and it just wouldn't give my computer any love.

Being the hero that my husband is, he decided to look online about purchasing a new one and that's when we found out that they are apparently made out of gold because HP wanted $60 for a new one and that was even after an instant rebate.  I was too scared to see what shipping cost.  In my dispair I turned over my computer (not really sure why) but then I found the three most wonderful words in the tiniest print, "Warranty:  1 year."

To make it even better, HP has a 24 hour customer service access online and that night (OK it was really more like 1 o'clock that morning) we talked to a really nice guy who sent us a new ac adapter.....FREE of charge.  That was Tuesday morning and a day later on Wednesday morning (today) the Fed Ex man delivered my little gem.

Thank you HP.  Thank you Fed Ex man.  And thank you my true love, my laptop.....I mean my husband. =0)

*Moral of the story:  When something breaks don't be afraid to see if it is still under warranty.  It could save you some money.


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