Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Star Wars The Clone Wars Houseparty

We just recently hosted a Star Wars The Clone Wars Houseparty and had a blast.  We received the following Clone Wars items from Houseparty to help host this party (at no cost to us):

10 Action Figures (currently on Rollback at Walmart for $6.97each)
1 Game Play Mat
10 Codes to Play the Game Online for FREE for 3 Months
10 Sheet of Tattoos
10 $1/1 Coupons for the Action Figures
1 DVD of Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peek at the New Season

I have found that to throw a great party you don't need to spend a lot of money on decorations or put out 10 different kinds of food.  Keep it simple and everyone including the host will have fun! 

For the party, we decided to do a bbq and made "Death Star" Cheeseburgers, Yoda Soda (7up and lime sherbet), and Star Wing Fighters (Doritos).  As a treat, we also made pretzel "lightsabers."

Here is a breakdown of what we spent ourselves on the party:

$14.97 on hamburger and $3.47 on buns (purchased at Costco)
Cheese- FREE from a recent sale and coupon combo at Albertsons
Lettuce- $1.67 for a head
Tomatoes- $0.65 (purchased at Walmart and ad matched to another store that had them cheaper)
Condiments - out of the fridge (no extra cost)

Yoda Soda-
2- 2ltr.  7up on sale at Safeway (ad matched at Walmart) $0.77/each
Lime Sherbet- $2.47

FREE with coupon when I purchased FREE hot dogs a couple of weeks ago

$2.49 for Pretzel sticks
$1.99 for the candy melts (purchased at Michael's and used 50% off coupon)

Extra expenses:  We also purchased 12 Star Wars The Clone Wars puzzles on clearance for a total of $3 to add to the gift bags and the gift bags for $1.50.  To eat with, we purchased cups for $1.25 (on clearance and with coupon) and plates for $1.50.

Total we spent on this party:  $36.50  which fed 13 people and provided 2 hours of entertainment for my kids and their friends (plus gift bags to take home).


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