Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Days Of Christmas = FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points (15 Points Today)

Have you been collecting your daily Disney Movie Rewards points on the 25 Days of Christmas site?  Today for some reason when you click through you get 15 points instead of the stated 5!

I love the the Disney Movie Rewards program!  I have turned my points in for tons of cool stuff in the past several years and most recently I was able to turn in some of my points for 3 Christmas presents-one for each of my kids!

Currently, Disney Movie Rewards is celebrating the 25 Days of Christmas with ABC Family by releasing a 5 point code each day for 25 days =125 points if you remember to catch them all. =0)  Click HERE to get your 5 points (or 15 points today).  Look for the "deck the halls" box, click on it and sign into your account. (You won't have to actually enter a code- just click through.)


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