Friday, December 31, 2010

Home Depot: 75% Off Christmas Clearance

I know that Home Depot may not be a typical place for some of you to think of after-Christmas clearance sales but I was there today and they had their Christmas items 75% off!  If you are going to the Kid's Clinic tomorrow you might want to casually stroll by the Christmas section. =0)

I found a lot of Martha Stewart ornaments, wreaths and topiaries on clearance.  Plus, I picked myself up some SOLAR POWERED LED Christmas Lights.........I am a little excited about those if you can't tell!  The lights were reg. around $25 (I picked them up for around $6).  I figure that these light will eventually pay for themselves with what I save in electricity.

Also, if you have a military ID don't forget to take that with you to score 10% off (it even worked on the clearance Christmas lights that I picked up).


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