Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's: FREE Rewards Calendars = 10 FREE Tokens

Chuck E Cheese's has just released 16 different rewards calendars worth 10 FREE tokens each when your child accomplishes his/her goal.  They have ones for cleaning your room (I wonder if this would work for my kids?), reading, potty training and even one for "no nose picking" (Yuck!).  Plus, there is many more to choose from including sports awards and tooth fairy certificates.

Only 1 rewards calendar can be redeemed per child, per day. Valid only at participating locations. Food purchase is required (We often will get an order of fries to share in order to fulfill this requirement ~ $1.99). Offer Expires 12/31/11.

*Side note ~ our closest (Spokane, WA) Chuck E. Cheese's offers 20 FREE tokens with a Military ID and food purchase (here is another offer where the $1.99 fries can kick in ~ if we have just come to play and don't plan on eating lunch/dinner there).


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