Friday, March 4, 2011

Walgreen's: $0.25 Silly Bands (Sponge Bob, Peanuts, Dora The Explorer, Rings)

So, I was at Walgreen's today chasing the ever elusive $3 Motrin PM ($ maker with coupon) when I spotted these Silly Bands (rubberband bracelets and rings) at the front registers.  They are all marked 4 for $1!

They had Dora the Explorer, Peanuts, Sponge Bob, and of course all kinds of generic bracelets plus, they had the rings.  I am not sure how varied the selection is from store to store but this is a deal definitely worth checking out.  ( I normally see the character ones for $4-$5.)

I plan on using the ring ones in my daughter's upcoming birthday party.  These would also be great basket stuffers for Easter or stockings at Christmas time.  I also plan on buying some for my kids' classrooms (one has a reward chest and the other has a "auction" at the end of the quarter in which they use classroom $ that they have earned to buy donated items).


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