Monday, June 21, 2010

100th Post: 100 Things To Do This Summer For FREE Or Cheap!

So, I have been doing my blog for a little under a month now and I have reached my 100th post. I wanted to do something special and since it is also the first day of summer I thought it would be fitting to do a "list of 100 things to do for free or cheap this summer." Plus, the next time I hear my kids say that they are bored I can give them a copy of this list, :0P

1.  Visit the local Library (Many have summer reading programs).
2.  Go to the beach (or the sandbox in the backyard) and build a sandcastle. 
3.  Play a board game.
4.  Clean out the junk drawer.
5.  Visit the neighbors.
6.  Learn a card trick.
7.  Bake a loaf of bread.
8.  Make some lemon aide with real lemons.
9.  Take a bike ride.
10. Visit a museum (many offer FREE days or discounts)
11. Teach a younger kid the ABC's
12. Watch a movie at the theater during the day (usually cheaper than at night)
13. Go for a drive in the car and do a visual scavenger hunt.
14. Learn how to sew.
15. Visit the residents in a nursing home.
16. Do random acts of kindness for someone else without them knowing.
17. Learn a new card game.
18. Let the kids do a Lemon aide stand and sell what you made in #8.
19. Bake a batch of cookies.
20. Clean under your bed.
21. Do the laundry and hang your sheets outside to dry.
22. Plant a plant and watch it grow.
23. Play a video game with your kids.
24. Host a potluck.
25. Learn to jump rope.
26. Clean out your cupboards and donate to the food bank.
27. Give your kids an extra hug.
28. Take a walk around the neighborhood and discover where you live.
29. Go Geocaching.
30. Don't know what Geocaching is? Look it up online.
31. Write out your Christmas cards and address them.
32. Clean out the Freezer and make dinner with what you find (as long as it is still good).
33. Make a goal and accomplish it.
34. Read the local newspaper.
35. Learn how to make origami.
36. Write a soldier a letter.
37. Have a water balloon fight.
38. Have ice cream for dinner.
39. Play Frisbee.
40. Fly a kite.
41. Build paper airplanes and have a race.
42. Eat dinner outside in the backyard on a blanket.
43. Go swimming at the local pool.
44. Swing on a swing.
45. Let the kids help make dinner.
46. Build a fort out of blankets in the living room.
47. Read a book.
48. Have movie night and rent a movie and make popcorn.
49. Set up a tent up in the backyard and go camping.
50. Have a yard sale.
51. Go yard saleing (We call it treasure hunting).
52. Learn how to make balloon animals.
53. Put some puzzles together.
54. Volunteer your time.
55. Visit a relative who lives near by.
56. Start a Christmas list and start your shopping at clearance sales.
57. Start a savings account and set a goal to save.
58. Make some handmade cards for birthdays/Christmas/any other special occasion.
59. Start a workout routine.
60. Learn a foreign language.
61. Take the kids out for ice cream ( it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive).
62. Clean out your closet and donate what you don't want anymore to charity (tax deduction).
63. Read a book to your kids or someone else's.
64. Start using coupons and add the savings to #57.
65. Follow my blog and add even more to #57.
66. Email companies and let them know how you feel about their products (some will even send you coupons as a way of saying thank you).
67. Make a birthday cake for "just because."
68. Start a journal.
69. Take some digital pictures and actually download them and use them.
70. Google some photo editing sites and do some fun stuff with your pictures. (try Picnik)
71. Blow some Bubbles.
72. Make some play dough.
73. Take your kids to the park and play with them.
74. Learn how to skateboard.
75. Do some stargazing at night.
76. Roast some marshmallows on the BBQ.
77. Try a new recipe.
78. Visit a local orchard and pick some fruit.
79. Make a play and perform it.
80. Start a lawn mowing business.
81. Write a poem.
82. Write an older relative a real snail mail letter.
83. Visit a local nature preserve.
84. Learn a new dance move.
85. Make some homemade donuts.
86. Clean out the utensil drawer.
87. Take up bird watching.
88. Use chalk and draw on the sidewalk.
89. Write a "Bucket List."
90. Make some extra dinners ahead and freeze them.
91. Make your own trail mix and package it up in individual packages.
92. Find a pottery store and make or paint something for yourself.
93. Check out your community center for FREE activities.
94. Watch a Little League game of baseball.
95. Check out the local festivals and support your community.
96. Go for a hike.
97. Learn a new computer program.
98. Plan your next vacation and look for good deals.
99. Have a slumber party in the living room with your kids.
100.Take a nap!


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