Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's In Your Mailbox?

I decided to start a new series of "What's In Your Mailbox" to show you that the freebies and other goodies do come! I always get excited when I get something good in the mail (it's like Christmas) and I love to hear about all the treasures that others get too.

This is what was in my mailbox today:

FREE Business Cards from Vistaprint for my website,* (shipping was $5.69 I paid $0.69)
FREE Mailing Adress Labels also from Vistaprint.* (shipping was $3.24 I was paid $1.76)

Vistaprint has all kinds of free stuff right now- you just have to pay shipping. They also accept Paypal as payment.

*Even a better deal (this is how I got my Vistaprint orders even cheaper)- Join Inbox Dollars (you will get $5 just for joining and you can earn money for doing surveys, shopping, etc.) and they will send you Paid Emails (you click on them and get 2 cents in your account).  Some of those paid emails will be for Vistaprint and when you order through the Paid Emails you will get $5 in your account for each order. I ordered my items in separate orders and used the least expensive shipping. So, I got free items and basically made a little money.


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