Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses......I Mean Petunias :)

My kids and I recently made these flowers for their teachers as an end of the year "thank you."  They were super simple to make and the teachers absolutely loved them. 

Supply List:

Small Terra cotta pot and saucer
Spray Sealer
Spray chalkboard paint


*Spray outside of pot and all of the saucer with the sealer and let sit until dry (actually dries pretty fast)

*Spray outside of pot and all of the saucer with the chalkboard paint (I choose the black colored one)
*Tip- I set the pot upside down on newspaper and sprayed around it so the paint didn't overspray inside the 

*As soon as it is dry you can plant your flower ( I bought a 6 pack for $1.50 and used the three extra in my
own garden.)

*We wrote "Thank You" on our pot with chalk and included an extra piece of chalk so that they could use it
later to write whatever they would like.

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