Wednesday, June 23, 2010

American Consumer Survey

Here is another survey site that I like to use. American Consumer Survey is actually one of the first survey sites I signed up with when I started doing surveys. They send you invitations via email for surveys. The surveys start with a pre-screener and then if you are chosen for the survey they usually let you know right away or will email you at a later date.

Most surveys are at least $3 or more and are credited to your account within 2 weeks (normally). There is no cash-out threshold so you can request a payment whenever you have any money in your account. That is one of my favorite things about this company.  Payment is received via snail mail check but they do pay in a timely manner.  Every time you attempt a survey or actually complete one you are entered in a drawing for a pool of money. (I actually won an extra $4 once from the drawing!)

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Do you have any favorite survey sites?


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