Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Coke Rewards Instant Wins........No Points To Spend

Are you a member of My Coke Rewards yet?  I love this program.  I usually use the points to get FREE magazine subscriptions and I just used some points to get a FREE Kmart gift card the other day. 

The best part is they have instant win games and they don't cost any points to play! The hottest ones right now are the $20 Sears gift card (can be used at Kmart and Lands End) and the $15 Best Buy Gift card.  I just won a $20 Sears gift card on my 3rd day of playing!  You can play up to 5 times a day.

Instructions on how to get your 5 FREE instant win entries (per day):

1.  Locate the instant win game you would like to play (spend your points button and then instant win button) and click on the "Rules" under the link to the game (you don't have to spend all your instant win entries on the same game.)  A pop up screen with the instant win game rules will come up.

2.  Scroll down the rules screen until you come to entry 5C- FREE Method of Entry.  You will then click the "click here" link- another screen will pop up.

3.  Enter the code that it gives you and hit submit.  This will get you your first FREE entry.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 again until you get all 5 of your FREE entries.

How to use your FREE entries:

Click through your instant win game until you get to the screen that says that you have "_" FREE entries.  It will ask you if you want to use 3 of your points or use one of your FREE entries.  Be sure to mark the correct entry and hit submit.  Spin the wheel and see if you are an instant winner.  Good Luck!

You are allowed one prize per game per person.  The instant win games end 10/31/10 and if you are a winner you will receive your prize 8- 12 weeks after the games end. Good Luck!

Best Buy $15 instant win game will have 3,300 winners and the Sears $20 instant win game will have 5,356 winners.

Have you won any instant win games lately?


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