Monday, May 23, 2011

Candy Themed Party Crafts: How To Make A Candy Boat And A Candy Airplane

Earlier I posted about making candy themed birthday invitations and a "Happy Birthday" banner for my daughter's birthday and I promised to show you the candy themed crafts we did at the here they are.

The first one we did was a candy boat with gummy bear sailor.  This was pretty easy and the kids had fun creating it (and eating it).

How to make the candy boat:

Supplies ~ orange slices candy, frosting, lifesavers, pretzel sticks, gummy bears, sour tape candy

1.  Have an adult make an X with a knife for the pretzel stick to go into on top of the orange slice.

2.  Insert the pretzel stick (carefully ~ they can break easy).

3.  Cut your flag out of the sour tape.  I made a rectangle and then cut out a triangle (it's almost like math) and then attach it to the flag pole using frosting as glue.

4.  Attach your gummy bear sailor and the wheels (one on each side) on your boat using the frosting and let the frosting dry out a bit before setting sail.

Our next project was a candy airplane.  Some of the kids even "glued" a gummy bear pilot on their planes. =0)

How to make the candy airplane:

Supplies ~ Smarties (or similar candy rolls), stick gum (still in wrappers), lifesavers, rubber bands

1.  Thread your rubberband between the wheels (lifesavers). You can either keep the lifesavers in the wrappers and make a slit in them to run the rubber band through or you can take the wrappers off and use them that way.

2.  Take two pieces of gum, still in the wrappers, and wrap your rubber bands around each end of the "stack" of gum like you were making a ponytail on each end, just not too tight.

3.  Take your roll of Smarties and tuck them under the gum and between the wheels and pull it through until you get your airplane.

The kids had a blast making the crafts but I think that they might have had more fun making their own creations with the left over candy and frosting. =0)


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