Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Survey: Earn Money Or Rewards For Taking Surveys

I love doing surveys online.  It is a great and easy way to earn a little extra $, not to mention the fact there are often product testing surveys available, too. I have received all kinds of products from food, to beauty items, to household items to test and I get paid to do it!

One of the companies that I like to work with is My Survey.  You can earn points for taking surveys and then redeem those for cash or rewards once you have acquired 1,100 points ($10).  I have redeemed for a Paypal payment a few times and they seem to process fairly quick.

They will send you an email when you have a survey available or you can always check your account.  I like that they offer you so many points to take a survey and if you qualify for an extended survey they will offer you more points to take it.

In my opinion, this site doesn't pay as much per survey as some of the other sites that I work with.  But, it is dependable and they don't screen you out of surveys.  That's a plus in my book.

Suggestions for doing surveys online:

1. Make a separate email account to have survey invites sent to (that way you aren't clogging up your regular email account).

2.  Keep a log of the surveys you do to include:  survey site, survey #, amount the survey is worth, and when you cash out ~ date of expected payment.

3.  If you don't get credited correctly for a survey be sure to email them right away with all your info from your log.

4.  Check for new surveys often.  The higher value ones tend to go quickly.

5.  Sign up for more than one survey company.  I would suggest up to 5-7 survey companies if you are really into it.  This way you can have the opportunity to do surveys when there might not be any available on one of your other sites. 

6.  Only sign up for trusted and proven survey sites.  Check them out before you get invested in them.  (I will be listing more survey sites that I work with and my experience with them).

7.  Have fun with them.  If you are getting tired of answering surveys, take a break.  I like to do mine after the kids have gone to bed at night and my husband and I are watching tv.

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