Monday, May 16, 2011

Garage Sale Find ~ Lamp Shade Redo (Craft Project)

Here is the craft project I promised to show you.  My daughter's room is very sweet and girly girly with a little bit of drama so this lamp fits in it perfectly.

I purchased the lamp itself at a garage sale for $2 (came with the light bulb).  I found the flowers (as a wreath) at Goodwill for $2 and the mirror centers cost me $3 at JoAnn's.

Here is how I put the lamp together:

1.  Tore the flowers off of the wreath and deconstructed them until I had just the fabric petal parts.

2.  I glued the flowers (6 to a side) on the outside of the fabric shade using a tacky glue and I let it dry before tackling the center of the flowers.

3.  I glued the center (mirrors) onto the flowers using the same tacky glue. I did one side at a time and let the glue dry before moving onto another side so that the mirrors wouldn't fall off. 

I decided to use mirrors for the center of the flowers to go along with the flowers that I painted on her wall (they have mirror centers, too).

I think that this would also look cute with clear jewels or three pearly beads sewn together as the centers of the flowers and maybe a butterfly or two resting on the petals.  Are crafters every really done with their projects?

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