Thursday, May 12, 2011

Check Your Kraft First Taste Accounts For A New Offer

Check your Kraft First Taste accounts for a new offer (mine didn't have it.......yet).  Some people are finding offers for a FREE package of any New Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Combos (up to $5 value) and a FREE package of any New Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos (up to $4 value). 

Some people are getting $1 off coupons instead (and some people might not receive an offer).  It has been my experience that these offers sometimes come in waves so if you didn't get anything today keep checking back.

If you haven't signed up for Kraft First Taste yet, I would highly suggest doing so.  It is a great way to get FREE product offers or high value coupons.  I was just checking my account and I have received 18 FREE products since I joined!

Thanks, Emma


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