Friday, May 27, 2011

Old Navy: Additional 30%- 50% Off Clearance + Many $6 Deals

If you are headed to the mall this weekend be sure to stop by and check out Old Navy.  They currently have baby/kids clearance an additional 30% off and adult clearance an additional 50% off. 

Besides the great deal on clearance items they have many items marked for $6 such as: beach shorts, knit dresses, women’s and kids polos and graphic t-shirts.  I was also able to find $3 "basic" t's for women.

Here is what I am was able to score tonight:

$3 V-neck t-shirt (reg. $8.50)
$6 Grey Graphic t-shirt (reg. $14.94)
$5.24 Military Polo (reg. $24.50)*
$6 Green Graphic t-shirt (reg. $9.50)
$3.14 Purple Graphic t-shirt (reg. $14.50)*
$1.75 Flip Flops (2 pairs - reg. $3.50 each)
$8 Swim Suit (reg. $16.50)

Only the two * items were clearance items (I probably could have purchased a lot more but I was trying to keep my trip short).  The three kids shirts I will be holding back for school clothes this fall. All in all, I spent $34.88 + tax for $95.44 worth of clothes!


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